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When A Man Marries


Mary Roberts Rinehart

Harrison Fisher Dust Jacket
Shown with Complimentary Matching Bookmark

Five Gorgeous Color Illustrations by Harrison Fisher

Copious pen and ink drawings by Mayo Bunker


THE VOLUME: A very handsome-looking book inside and out (when in good condition). The five color illustrations are just exceptionally beautiful. There are scads of pen and ink illustrations throughout by artist Mayo Bunker. They added tremendously to my own enjoyment of the story. One meets a new illustration about every third page.

THIS DUSTJACKET: A NEW FACSIMILE copy of the very scarce jacket with Harrison Fisher artwork, which sold with this edition. This is my very favorite Harrison Fisher dust jacket. If you look closely, you will note that it gives you a more detailed and expanded view of the book's frontispiece illustration. Without it, one is missing a bit of the original illustration. It also was unique in another way. What appears as a gold, metallic background in my facsimile dust jacket—actually was metallic ink on the original. I took the best, least scarred area on that jacket and used it to build my gold background, so it would retain some of the qualities of the original metal.

Another rather fun bonus is the circular illustration by Howard Chandler Christy on the rear panel of the dust jacket.

This facsimile was made from a scan of an original in very good condition, printed on one sheet of acid-free paper by an archival inkjet printer (80 yr. inks), and preserved in archival plastic. It comes with a matching bookmark.

THE STORY: This is a VERY FUN read. My husband and I read it aloud and did a lot of laughing. There is a mystery in the story. A group of friends are quarantined together for seven days, during which the main character is pretending to be the wife of one man, while falling in love with another. It began as a very successful play originally called “Seven Days,” which was a great hit and another wonderful example of the wit and cleverness of its author, Mary Roberts Rinehart.

Each Dust Jacket costs $12.00 and comes with a complimentary matching bookmark and protective cover. (Price is reduced to $10.00 when three or more djs are ordered.)

If you'd like assistance in obtaining a copy of this book with a facsimile dust jacket, please contact me.

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Dust Jacket, When A Man Marries, Fisher
Facsimile Dust Jacket, Harrison Fisher

When A Man Marries Cover
Harrison Fisher Book Cover

Harrison Fisher Frontispiece
Harrison Fisher Frontispiece

Bella, The True Wife
Bella, The True Wife

The Pretend Wife

In To Dine, Harrison Fisher

Nursing, Harrison Fisher

Mayo Bunker Pic 1Mayo Bunker Illustration

Mayo Bunker pic 2Mayo Bunker Illustration

Mayo Bunker, Pic 3Mayo Bunker Illustration