The Forsaken Inn

A Victorian Mystery by
Anna Katharine Green

Dust Jacket art by HARRISON FISHER

with complimentary matching bookmark


THE VOLUME: The cover art and dust jacket repeat the same lovely Harrison Fisher illustration. Inside the book there are 9 other beautiful black and white engravings on glossy paper and many in-text drawings by an unknown artist. A rare edition in any form.

THE DUSTJACKET: A NEW FACSIMILE copy of the Harrison Fisher jacket, which sold with this edition, made from a scan of an original in very good condition, printed on one sheet of acid-free paper by an archival inkjet printer (80 yr. inks), and preserved in archival plastic.

THE STORY: This is a wonderful mystery novel by a woman who is often lauded as the “mother” of the detective story (preceding even Mary Roberts Rinehart). As I began reading I was instantly reminded of the novels and style of Wilkie Collins (another personal favorite of mine). Once I'd started THE FORSAKEN INN I didn't want to put it down. The charming and lovely illustrations by two wonderful artists certainly added substantially to my enjoyment.

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Harrison Fisher Dust Jacket, Forsaken Inn
Dust Jacket, Harrison Fisher

Forsaken Inn Book Cover
Book Cover, Harrison Fisher

Forsaken Inn Frontispiece
Frontispiece, Unknown Artist

Girl Swooning, Forsaken Inn

Forsaken Inn, Chapter One

Headstone, Forsaken Inn

Rescued, The Forsaken Inn