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Early Mystery Dust Jackets (U.S.)

Early Mystery Dust Jackets (U.K.)

Jewel Weed

by Alice Ames Winter

Harrison Fisher Dust Jacket
with Complimentary Matching Bookmark

three black and white interior illustrations by Harrison Fisher

GROSSET & DUNLAP. Early Reprint, 1906, 434 pages

THE VOLUME: This is one of those noteworthy occasions where the Reprint Edition is a much more beautiful book overall than the First Edition (in my opinion). The First has a tiny face on the cover, not beautifully colored as this Reprint one is, and it's about 5 times smaller. You didn't get this beautiful color drawing on the inside of the First edition either. (All the illustrations inside were also black and white, though the first edition had 5 instead of 3). Even the first edition dust jacket was simply plain brown paper and text.)

THIS DUSTJACKET: A NEW FACSIMILE copy of the very scarce jacket with Harrison Fisher artwork, which sold with this early reprint edition, made from a scan of an original in very good condition, printed on one sheet of acid-free paper by an archival inkjet printer (80 yr. inks), and preserved in archival plastic.

This is one of the most beautiful of the Harrison Fisher Dust Jackets I've worked on. The coloring is simply lovely—and this jacket would look great on the first edition of this book, as well as the reprint.

THE STORY: “What will happen when the buoyant, high-spirited and keen-witted young man of family awakes and realizes that he is tied for life to a mere piece of beautiful flesh? Mrs. Winters answers this query in her own way—clever , cheerful, vital, and distinguished. It is an unusual story in its plot and striking in the skill with which the themes are worked out. It is a gem among novels, and a flower in the garden of fiction.”--The Publisher

If you'd like assistance in obtaining a copy of this book with a facsimile dust jacket, please contact me.

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Dust Jacket, Jewel Weed
Facsimile Dust Jacket, Harrison Fisher

Jewel Weed Cover, Harrison Fisher
Book Cover & Bookmark

Harrison Fisher Frontispiece
Harrison Fisher Frontispiece

Dust Jackets may be purchased for $12.00 and come with a complimentary matching bookmark and protective cover. (Price is reduced to $10.00 when three or more djs are ordered.

Details and How to Order

Harrison Fisher, The Concert
Harrison Fisher Illustration

Harrison Fisher, Park Bench
Harrison Fisher Ilustration