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Early Mystery Dust Jackets (U.K.)

The Husbands of Edith

by George Barr McCutcheon

Harrison Fisher Dust Jacket
with Complimentary Matching Bookmark

four color illustrations by Harrison Fisher inside

A. L. Burt Early Reprint, 1908
Green colored page decorations on every page. First edition's decorations were black and using different artwork.

THE VOLUME: The Reprint Cover sports a lovely cameo paste-down which enlarges the figure of Edith from one of the interior illustrations by Harrison Fisher. Click Here to see the First Edition cover.

There are four color illustrations by Harrison Fisher inside the reprint. The First Edition has those same four, plus one more. Click here to see that extra illustration.

THIS DUSTJACKET: A NEW FACSIMILE copy of the scarce jacket with Harrison Fisher artwork, which sold with the reprint edition, made from a scan of an original in very good condition, printed on one sheet of acid-free paper by an archival inkjet printer (80 yr. inks), and preserved in archival plastic.

THE STORY: I haven't read this one yet, but the gentleman who bought this particular book read it instantly and enjoyed it immensely, assuring me it was satire at its very best.

A Note About Reprint Dust Jackets and First Editions:
Very often, with a book of this age, the front illustrations on the dust jackets of the first edition publishers and the reprint publishers were identical. But I have also found many examples where the first edition of a turn-of-the-century dust jacket was very plain—sometimes only plain brown paper—and it was the reprint dust jacket, which bore the lovely interior illustration. (In these cases I have almost invariably chosen to mate the first edition book with the more beautiful reprint dust jacket.) Dust Jackets can be made to fit any sized edition.

Each Dust Jacket costs $12.00 and comes with a complimentary matching bookmark and protective cover. (Price is reduced to $10.00 when three or more djs are ordered.) Details and How to Order

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Dust Jacket, Husbands of Edith
Facsimile Dust Jacket, Husbands of Edith

Husbands of Edith Cover, Harrison Fisher
Harrison Fisher Book Cover

Harrison Fisher Frontispiece
Harrison Fisher & Theodore Hapgood

Fisher Lady in Black Hat

Lovely Edith, Harrison Fisher

All Is Not Blisss