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Early Mystery Dust Jackets (U.S.)

Early Mystery Dust Jackets (U.K.)

The Charlatans

Bert Leston Taylor

Dust jacket art by HARRISON FISHER,
with complimentary matching bookmark

Color frontispiece and 8 glossy b&w illustrations by George Brehm
and many lovely in-text pen and ink drawings throughout.

BOBBS MERRILL, 1906, Believed First Edtion
Grosset & Dunlap reprint dust jacket by Harrison Fisher.

THE VOLUME: The covers of the reprint volume and the first edition are virtually identical on this title.

THE DUSTJACKET: A NEW FACSIMILE copy of the unique Harrison Fisher jacket, which sold with the Grosset & Dunlap reprint of this story. Since the reprint exactly duplicated the boards of the first edition, the jacket image may have been the same as well. This jacket was made from a scan of an original in very good condition, printed on one sheet of acid-free paper by an archival inkjet printer (60-80 yr. inks), and preserved in archival plastic.

This particular illustration appears in another book illustrated by Harrison Fisher, Hearts and Masks by Harold MacGrath, although it is printed in black and white there--as are the other drawings in the book.

THE STORY:Hope Weston, a bright, ingenious girl with a talent for music, goes to the metropolis for serious study. She enters “The Colossus”--consecrated to the study of the art, and her experiences with the methods of the school, the various professors who 'express their souls,' on the various instruments, and above all with the presiding genious of the place, give full play to the author's faculty for vivid and picturesque portraiture. The reader will be eager to know whether the girl was a genius or not—whether she drifts with the tide or not—and whether she will be one of the gifted ones who 'arrive.'”

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A Little About Reprint Dust Jackets
As Compared to First Editions:

Very often, with a book of this age, the front illustrations on the dust jackets of the first edition publishers and the reprint publishers were identical. But I have also found many examples where, surprisingly, the first edition of a turn-of-the-century dust jacket was very plain—sometimes only plain brown paper—and it was the reprint dust jacket, which bore the lovely illustration—often one of the interior illustrations from the first edition. In this case I have almost invariably chosen to mate the first edition book with the more beautiful reprint dust jacket.

For assistance in obtaining a copy of this book, with a facsimile dust jacket and book mark, or with any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Harrison Fisher Facsimile Dust Jacket
Harrison Fisher Facsimile Dust Jacket

Charlatans Book Cover
Charlatans Book Cover

George Brehm Frontispiece
George Brehm Frontispiece

George Brehm Illustration
George Brehm Illustration

George Brehm, At the Dance
George Brehm

George Brehm, Under the Trees

George Brehm, At the Concert

Charlatans Dust Jacket Bookmark