A Splendid Hazard
Harold MacGrath

Cover and Dust Jacket Art by HARRISON FISHER

Color frontispiece by Howard Chandler Christy

1910, Bobbs Merrill

THE DUSTJACKET: A NEW FACSIMILE copy of the scarce Harrison Fisher jacket, which sold with this edition. The jacket was made from a scan of an original in very good condition, printed on one sheet of acid-free paper by an archival inkjet printer (80 yr. inks), and preserved in archival plastic. Each Dust Jacket comes with a matching bookmark.

The Dust Jacket of the First Edition uses the same spine design and identical front panel illustration. The First Edition Book has a plain green cover and four additional color illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy.

THE STORY: “As the title suggests, this is a story of action. It deals with an expedition directed by the discovery of a document which tells of 2,000,000 francs which are buried in Corsica—the sum that was raised by Napoleon's adherents to bring back the banished warrior from Corsica. Then is the usual intrepid hero placed somewhat at a disadvantage because his modest income pales into insignificance before the millions of the girl he loves. However, there are considerations besides money and the girl in question, likewise her father, are reasonable enough to recognize them. A bold, dashing story.”

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If you are interested in owning a copy of this book with the lovely Harrison Fisher Dust Jacket and matching bookmark, consider contacting me. I often keep copies of these titles on hand, and would also be happy to search for a copy if need be.


Harrison Fisher Cover and Dust Jacket

Harrison Fisher Dust Jacket

Harrison Fisher Cover Illustration

Howard Chandler Christy Illustration